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Miguel Cabral de Moncada
Managing Partner

Pedro Maria de Alvim
Managing Partner

Filipe Costa
General Director

Leonor de Alvim
General Counsel

Luís Costa Brandão
Head of Online Auctions Department

Dulce Quaresma
Head of Treasury Department

Joana Loureiro
Treasury Department Sellers & Providers

Rosário Azevedo
Treasury Department Buyers

Helena Bairrão Oleiro
Treasury Department Buyers

Clara Ferraz
Treasury Department Buyers & Shipping Support

Luísa Castelo Branco
General Secretariat

Carlos Correia de Carvalho
Set Design & Customer Care

Luísa Perry Vidal
Valuations & Customer Care

Alexandra Gameiro
Online Auctions & Customer Care

Marilene Parreira
Customer Care

Mariana Soares Mendes
Head of Live Auctions Department

Susana Isidro
Live Auctions | Valuation

Isabel Maria Mónica
Live Auctions | Valuation

Teresa Almeida Garrett
Live Auctions | Valuation

Mariana Flório
Grafic Design & Social Media

Catarina Sampaio Soares
Online Auctions

Maria Luísa de Lucena
Online Auctions

Inês Branco
Online Auctions | Valuation

Frederico Ramires
Online Auctions

Pedro Mendes
Furniture | Online Auctions

Daniel Ferreira Pinto
Furniture | Online Auctions

Vasco Cunha Monteiro
Live Auctions | Photography

Luís Sousa
Online Auctions | Photography

Miguel Jerónimo
Logistics & Transports

António Jerónimo
Logistics & Transports

Elisabete Pereira
Conservation & Maintenance

Ana Afonso
Cleaning Service