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Decades of Asia (First and Second), by João de Barros (1496-1570) First edition of the first two "Decades of Asia" by João de Barros, from the presses of the printer Germão Galharde, of French origin, with established typography in Lisbon between 1519 and 1561. The edition is entirely composed in Gothic characters Rotunda, beginning with renaissance xylographic initials, on heavy grammage and large format paper. The major flaws are: First tome: Three ownership signatures (two with inscriptions) on the cover page, which presents a spot on outer margin and a strengthening on the back of the bottom margin; central patch in the lower third of first 13 sheets (bookworm cut), with careful hand-written reconstitution of the missing text (ca. 90x10 mm. on the title page, decreasing gradually to the 11th folio to disappear in the following), two restorations on the back (blank) of last page (a letter redone in front); inner margins reinforced in folios 89 and 96. Second tome: Title page's upper left corner redone; minor restoration to folio 30; humidity the outer margin of the last 20 sheets, with coarse restorations in the last 7 pages, affecting the text tangentially and only on the last page. Across the tome: light trimming mainly above the head, maintaining however good margins, some lines underlined and rare marginal notes of the period, one or two bookworm holes that run throughout the volume, at the lower third center; occasional light spots and minor restorations. Errors in foliation in Volume II: fol. 49 instead of fol. 53, fol. 73 instead of fol. 75, fol.97 instead of fol. 100. The binding is recent, probably twentieth-century, full parchment hardcover, with pen manuscript title on the spine.

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