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ASIA PORTVGVESA (Portuguese Asia)
PORTUGUESE ASIA | VOLUME I. [II & III] | BY MANUEL DE FARIA AND SOUSA | Knight of the Order of Christ and of the Royal House. SOUSA, Manuel de Faria e.- - Lisbon: In Henrique Valente de Oliveira's printing workshop, 1666-1675.- 3 vols.: il.; 29 cm.- E. First edition of one of the author's emblematic works. The specimen has the following 19 separate engravings, fresh and well kept (those of the first volume intaglio engraved and the remaining woodcuts): Volume I - Saint Helena, Cochin, Quiloa, Cananor, Sofala, Goa, Malacca, Ormuz, Chaul , Baalim and Diu; Tomo II - Mozambique Island, Daman, Manar, Mangalor, Onor and Bargalor; Volume III - Muscat and Macau. The collation of each volume is as follows: I - [32], 396, [42] p; Volume II - [8], 968, [2] p. III - [8], 564, [6] p. Although the bibliographies and catalogues consulted do not give strict indications as to the engravings, we are not aware of any copies with greater number of engravings. The three volumes also have three engraved frontispieces and numerous woodcut and intaglio engravings, integrated into the text, representing viceroys and other historical characters. The third volume includes, in the end, a rare errata sheet. The frontispiece of the first volume trimmed to the head and with imperfect outer margin, with prejudice of the engraved image. The three trimmed volumes with slight acidity but in general, clean and solid. 18th century entire calf binding, slightly fatigued, with large boards. Innocent, V, p. 416. Auvermann, 493. Arouca, S 530, 531 and 532.

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