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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present to you the catalogue of our auction 192, dedicated to Antiques and Works of Art: a special auction to be held in two sessions covering an extended set of art pieces of particular quality, rarity and antiquity, including a wide range of Haute Décoration items.

SAINT COSMAS a tempera and gold leaf on wood, dim. 28 x 21,5 cm, by Álvaro Pires de Évora, a Portuguese painter documented in Tuscany, Italy, between 1411 and 1434, a well traced work of art, subject of an essay by an art historian expert and museum curator, reproduced in this catalogue, illustrates the cover (lot 190).

Some highlights:



Several pieces illustrate in a particularly eloquent way the originality, aesthetics and cultural richness of the art pieces which were commissioned since the time of the Portuguese Discoveries from Africa to the Far- East – a crossover between Portuguese art and culture and the art and culture, beliefs, traditions, styles and craftsmanship of India, Ceylon, China or Japan, to name just a few countries with which we closely related to since the 16th century.

  • A Large Cabinet, teak, sissoo, ivory, green dyed ivory and sandalwood marquetery "Mughal court figures on foot and riding elephants, Trees of Life, Jatayus and various birds among plant motifs", Indo-Portuguese, 17th C. (1st half) (lot 578);
  • A Cabinet, fully tortoise-lined teak with ivory and ebony inlaid fillets, silver mounts Mughal Indian Empire influence, Indo-Portuguese, 17th C. (lot 576);
  • Crucified Christ, ivory sculpture, Indo-Portuguese, 18th C. (lot 581);
  • A Tsuba (cup sword), Namban Art, Nippo-Portuguese, Momoyama period (1573-1615) representing “Portuguese figures and dragon” (lot 573).


Painting – Portuguese and Foreign

  • DOMENICO PELLEGRINI - 1759-1840, “Portrait of a Family”, oil on canvas, signed (lot 96);
  • AMADEO DE SOUZA-CARDOSO - 1887-1918, “Two female figures and the newspaper man”, graphite on paper, signed (lot 271);
  • CARLOS BOTELHO - 1899-1982, “Costa do Castelo”, oil on canvas, signed (lot 270);
  • Landscapes with figures - two oils on canvas, signed P. Barucci; Roma (probably Pietro Barucci (1845-1917) (lots 743 and 744).


Silver and Jewellery

  • A Foot-washing ceremony bowl, silver, engraved decoration with the coat of arms of a Portuguese family, Portuguese, 17th C./18th. C. (lot 862);
  • A Heart-shaped silver inkstand, D. José I, King of Portugal (1750-1777), engraved decoration with the coat of arms of the Sousa (do Prado) family, "Eagle" en relief, Portuguese, 18th C. (3rd quarter) (lot 842);
  • A Necklace / Tiara, gold, set with rose cut crowned diamonds, European, 20th C. (early) (lot 760);
  • An Eucharistic Casket, gilt silver, Spanish, 17th C./18th. C. (lot 801).


Chinese Porcelain

  • A Flower Pot with Grid, Chinese export porcelain, Qianlong period (1736-1795), polychrome and gilt decoration with the coat of arms of the Order of Saint Augustine, Convent of Saint Vincent de Fora (Lisbon) (lot 216);
  • A Vase, Chinese porcelain, engraved and relief decoration “Dragons and clouds”, Guangxu period (1875-1908) (lot 509);
  • A Ten-Fold Screen, carved tamarind “Oriental figures, objects, fortunes symbols and flowers”, cloisonné metal panels with polychrome decoration “Oriental figures”, back with polychrome decoration on blue background “Flowers”, Chinese, 19th. C. (2nd half) (lot 515).



  • ALMADA NEGREIROS - 1893-1970, “Menina Verde” (the Green Girl), tapestry of the Portalegre Tapestry Manufactory (lot 134);
  • Portrait of a Dame of the Order of Malta, miniature on copper, Portuguese school, 17th. C., silver frame with suspension hoop (lot 127);
  • Several heraldic signets, Portuguese (lots 123, 124, 125 and 129);
  • Revista Presença – full collection of the most important 20th C. Portuguese literary magazine (lot 358).

A final reference to Ancient Books (lots 347 to 364) and engravings, namely:

  • Congress of Vienna, engraving on paper, by Jean-Baptiste Isabey - 1764-1855, signed in the plate and dated 1819, framed (lot 348);
  • Planified and framed engravings for a celestial globe, showing the constellations, and signs of the zodiac, modern edition probably from the original plates by Coronelli, 17th. C (lot 350).
Hoping to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon, with best wishes

Pedro Maria de Alvim                                       Miguel Cabral de Moncada