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General Informations and Contacts

Legal Information:

Pessoa colectiva 503 556 858 • Matriculada na Conservatória do Registo Comercial sob o mesmo número • Capital Social € 60.000,00 Autorização DGAE para o Exercício da Actividade Leiloeira de 23.11.2015 • Apólice de Seguro de Resp. Civil Hiscox € 200.000 nº 2503667 Representantes legais: Miguel Cabral de Moncada - NIF 153528362 • Pedro Maria de Alvim - NIF 180311336


Rua Miguel Lupi, 12 - A/D 
Tel. (351) 21 395 47 81
Online. (351) 211 370 100
Fax (351) 21 395 51 15

Opening time

Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm
Monday and Tuesday, 10 am - 6 pm.

Espaço Alameda - Leilões Online de Mobiliário

Rua Coronel Luna de Oliveira nº15B 1900-166 Lisbon
Lisbon Portugal

Timetable: Monday to Friday, 10 am 12h30 am and 2 pm - 7 pm
Contact: Pedro Mendes: . Phone (351) 21 131 93 14


Informal Valuation / Appointments with clients / + 351 21 395 4781

Interested parties should contact CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES and agree a specific date /time in advance.

Formal Valuation

CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES provides permanent consultancy, valuation and expert appraisal services, particularly on antiques, furniture, paintings, sculpture and Christian art, Portuguese art, silver, jewellery, Oriental and European porcelain, faience, tapestries, bronze and metalware, objects of art, books, manuscripts, book bindings, publications and engravings, etc., for inheritance, insurance, auction sales, property inventory updates, etc.
In order to get more information and details (conditions, costs, etc.) please consult our Customer Guide.

How to buy at our live auctions

There are three ways of bidding for and purchasing items at CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES auctions: in person, written bids or by telephone. Written bids and telephone bidding are courtesy services for purchasers who are unable to be present at the auction. Both services are confidential and free of charge.

Absentee bid form - available here and in each catalogue. The form should be filled in, signed and returned to CABRAL MONCADA LEILÕES at least three hours prior to beginning of the respective sale. The auctioneer will bid for and acquire the item(s) on behalf of interested parties, at the lowest possible price, not exceeding the maximum bid value.

Through the online international platform “Invaluable”:
NOTE: only available at indicated auctions.

Financial Department - Buyers + Packing and Shipping Service / Rosário Azevedo / Clara Ferraz / Pedro Mendes / Helena Bairrão Oleiro

Financial Department - Sellers / Dulce Quaresma / Joana Loureiro

Auction results available on

Payment should be made and the item collected within a period of ten working days from the respective purchase. Items may only be collected after the full amount of the sale has been paid.

  • Please note that we do not accept credit cards.
  • Bank transfers: must state sale number; lot number; client bid number;
  • Cheques: should be certified and payable to Sociedade Comercial de Leilões “O Pregão”;

Bank: Banco BPI, S.A.
Account name: Sociedade Comercial de Leilões “O Pregão”, Lda.
IBAN: PT 50 0010 0000 5034 1370 0014 2